A Hive Of Activity

This Sunday we team up with Hotel Motel for a bank holiday session at Boombox by welcoming San Francisco’s ace Honey Soundsystem to town for their NI debut!

We have loved their late night synth flecked disco and sleazed out house soundtracks for quite sometime and are looking forward to getting under the discoballs with them this Sunday, here’s a few reasons why we think you should join us.

Like us, they love a bit of Sylvester cohort Mr Patrick Cowley. Infact so much so they celebrated him with their Megatron Man project on the date of what would have been his 61st birthday and aired some of Patrick’s unreleased basement tapes (which were respectfully transferred at Fantasy Studios by Josh Cheon).

We love the fact that they kept the lights down low on their boiler room to compliment the darkroom electronics in favour of thrusting themselves into the spotlight.

They release robust acid workouts like this on their own Honey Soundsystem imprint.

They have great spin off studio projects like Jackie House where one half of HSS make weird freaked out house business.

Also Bezier’s solo eiery italoesque neon fuelled project such as Mina.

Josh Cheon’s Dark Entries label releases proper late night electronics including early Frankie Knuckles material and the aforementioned Patrick Cowley’s porn soundtracks. It has a real focus on unearthing timeless forgotten gems from the dark side of the tracks.

They even managed to convince DJ Harvey (aka Miss Harvey) to don a silver bob wig to promote his Flaming man gig with them :)


This Sunday is shaping up to be a dark, sweaty, disco & house bank holiday work out, all dancefloor freaks are welcome to join us at Boombox!