Brame It On The Hamo!

This weekend we welcome two rising stars of Irish house music that have been injecting a bit of much needed soul into things over the last few years via a string of stellar releases and remixes for the likes of Dirt Crew, Heist & more…

Timmy had a quick chat with Brame & Hamo ahead of this Saturday’s TNI.

Cheers for having a natter chaps, please can you give us the brief version of how you two met and also how the production & djing side came about?

We met through Tiarnan through selling his cdjs in 2011 and as there was only around 5 or 6 people in Sligo at that time ago who were into house/techno/garage production, if anyone was even thinking about it we would know them. We used to all make music together but it was really hard at times as there was a lot of cooks involved. Tiarnan and I seemed to be on the same page in regards to what sound we were into, so it felt very natural to branch out and start doing stuff together. We only really started playing together after our first EP, so it all happened very organically.

You’ve both recently relocated to Berlin, what are the best bits about being based in a city like that? Where would you recommend to get the best grub?

My favourite thing is to be right in at the deep end of a scene, the move from Sligo to Berlin at that time was a massive change. The amount of people making music and running events in Berlin Is seriously motivating and when you see your friends doing good it makes you want to work harder. Obviously it’s amazing to be able to see your favorite djs in some of the best clubs in Europe too. Food wise, Berlin has some killer burgers. Shiso is my favorite, they specialize in Japanese burgers, they’re unreal.

Staying on that note, any new favourites in the food and drink world that you’ve been introduced to on tour?

We played in Istanbul last year and had an assortment of traditional Turkish food, I have no idea of the names of any of the dishes. It was some of the nicest food I ever had. I’d love to see action Bronson scoffing some and speaking poetically about it. They have this mad drink as well like Turkish sake, it’s rank, but good rank. We played in Colombia too and the food there was unreal too. I ate a sketchy burger on the last day and was in a bad way for about 3 weeks after though, so be careful out there folks!

What do you miss most about your home town of Sligo?

Definitely the scenery, having the sea ten minutes from your house is so great. It’s nice to get out to the woods and up the mountains too.

Please give us one certified dance floor destroyer of late?

Your tracks often join the dots between house & jazz, where do you get those killer samples from? Have you found decent places to go digging in Berlin?

Mostly just spending countless hours on Discogs, YouTube and obscure music blogs. We do often dig for samples in record stores but it’s a little bit hard in Berlin as a lot of people are looking for stuff there, so it’s a bit competitive with good stuff is snapped up right away. We usually always try and hit a record store in the cities we play in. Got some gems in the south of France a couple of weeks ago.

We notice that you are also experimenting with more techno focused stuff too, what can we expect to come out of the studio in the next while?

We started experimenting in the studio recently with different styles as we felt we had been exhausting a certain style for a while. I don’t feel any pressure to work on any certain genre and since we got some hardware in the studio it’s been such a new experience for us to actually jam. It’s all about just having fun for us.

Hamo is good at doing the mix downs and eqing and stuff so I leave that to him most of the time. I have a little bit of music theory so I’m always jamming on the keyboard. In saying that we don’t like to limit ourselves at all and it’s refreshing to swap roles sometimes.

The Faint gig we recently played with you was ace, seriously healthy turnout for a weeknight! How long has that been running and who is coming up there in the next while?

Myself and my friends Gearoid & Damien have been running faint for around 6 years now. It started off as a tiny party with like 50 people upstairs in a pub. It’s amazing to see it grow to the size it is now. A big help has been the students getting into house and techno. The student in Sligo a few years back had no interest in underground music.  We’re delighted to have Ejeca, Bicep, Hammer, Peter Brién, DJ Deece & a couple of more to be announced in the next few weeks.

Finally, like myself I see you love a good piece of quality head wear, what’s your favourite hat and is it true you keep them on when making love?

The beanie rides at all times!!! Can’t beat a fresh Carhartt beanie. Only my parents have seen me without it.

Thanks lads, we look forward to welcoming the Sligo stallions to the booth this weekend.