Do You Know Haus?

Ahead of tomorrow night we have selected a few personal high lights by our guest DJ Haus…

First up is the heavy weight Helta Skelta on the Jack For Daze offshoot from the ever-reliable Clone stable. This has to rank as one of the most played weapons at the institute. Deceptively simple like all the best ones, it’s a hypnotic pumping beast.

Haus’s edit of Fatima Yamaha’s “What’s A Girl To Do” is a respectful DJ friendly rub that just helps ease the original version into more peak time territory and also keep things tidier in the mix.

No surprise to anyone really that we love a splash of acid on our Saturday nights and here he turns out a proper warehouse acid workout that believe us hits the spot every single time.

Possible nod to Dan Bell with the sine, definite nod to Inner City with the stabs and the usual ace drum programming in place. What’s not to like here?­­­­­­­­­

Lights up, tops off, a flashback to the summer of love, pork pie hats and the days of the Hacienda.. Authentically well executed, pass the vicks there!

Guaranteed to be a hard hitting work out tomorrow night, we look forward to hearing what DJ Haus has instore for the Institute faithful.