Embezzlement Society Meets TNI

Hi Embezzler, Please tell people who you are and what exactly you embezzle?

I’m another head from Belfast with a passion for house music and the scene here in general and enjoying playing a role in that. As for what I actually Embezzle well I suppose that’s just a matter of what piece of audio catches my ear and how I feel I can incorporate it really.

We’ve been fans of your dusty house sound and your limited vinyl only releases for a while, what’s up next?

Thanks lads, well I have a few more singles coming on some nice labels including local imprint Extended Play & Jamie Trench’s Roots For Bloom and an album is also in the pipeline, I’m keeping myself as busy as possible without affecting my quality control I guess.

You seem a dab hand with the sampler, do you use midi as well?

I mix basically everything inside the box and indeed a heap of sampling goes on; I do incorporate midi but not an awful lot, just for sequencing and some basics.

First class edit and limited download from ES right here!

Who do you look to for inspiration when you get writers block in the studio?

To be honest no one person or artist, I just tend to listen to everything for samples or that spark of inspiration, let things simmer for a while then return after an ear break, although if it isn’t cutting it on the fresh test… it get’s automatically binned!!!

On that note who would be your dream person to remix and also to remix you?

Well as I love the whole sampled feeling of a great house record, who else but the master Kenny Dixon Junior!

We are excited about this album project for Extended Play, can you tell us a bit about that? Also what can we expect on a long player from you?

Yes it’s actually been a work in progress for over a year now so I’m happy to finally be getting it wrapped up and soon out on the airwaves this Summer. The project has a whole heap of styles and variations in my interpretation of house including some hip-hop cuts and other bits of funk and jazz influence on there to tie it together with a real album feel.

It’s kind of a story really, basically not just a bunch of 7-minute dance floor tracks thrown together for the sake of a long player, as in my opinion that’s not really an album and the art of a body of work is often lost at times thesedays.

What are your favourite things about your hometown?

Belfast is completely jumping at the moment, everyone seems to get the whole idea of an actual scene and have a great understanding of a true underground, something I feel we were lacking until a few years back.

What are the things you wish you could change?

I would plain and simply change the laws around closing times in clubs, I mean although everywhere closes at 3am and we cram everything in and do throw some amazing nights, surely it would be better to party into the postman’s shift?

We are giving you an unlimited budget to throw your own party, what is your dream line, venue, set up, anywhere, anyplace, anytime in the world… go?

Give me a dark room and I’ll spend most of your budget on a heavy, heavy sound system and to be honest I don’t care where and when it is as long as the DJs on the turntables are playing from our underground. No EDM, trance, etc. then I’m generally happy, please keep those lights down low and hand your camera phone in at the cloakroom too… So possibly a few quid on insurance to cover any lost handsets, ha-ha but I honestly see no need for posers while having a good time! 😉

Finally what can we expect to hear in your set in the club this week?

House, disco, funk and maybe even some broken beats and hip-hop to start things of. Really looking forward to it, so thanks for letting me bring my swindled beats to the Institute. I’ve been a punter down there many times and it always goes right off!!! so going to be nice being on the other side of the turntables this Saturday.

Thanks for chatting to us, we look forward to hearing what you bring tomorrow night!

For now ahead of this wk at TNI, check out this ridiculously good mix from Embezzlement Society.