Full Irish For Culture Night

After the success of last year’s open air celebration on Culture Night, we are returning outdoors to bring our favourite party crews together for the evening. This year we have extended the invite to some friends from Dublin to join our residents Timmy & Jordan for some back to back action too.

Here’s the full low down on this Friday’s line up including set times. It all kicks off at 3pm outside.

The Bear And The Doll, Library St, Belfast, BT1 2GU.

Belfast Music Club  3 – 4pm

No one better to open a party than the hairy balearics. These guys know their stuff when it comes to beautiful music that sounds great outdoors, and fresh from playing the likes of Croatia’s Love International Festival, we are looking forward to their street selections.


Loop DJs 4 – 5pm

Next up the two Jamies from Loop take the baton for a set that could consist of everything from hip hop, funk, garage to jazz and disco. No doubt they’ll bring some curveballs to Library Street.

Loop Djs

 Inside Moves 5 – 6pm

The Inside Moves crew are repped by residents Conor Harding & Phil Mellon with the perfect balance of house and disco mixed with their fun-loving attitude.

Bobby Analog 6 – 7pm

With recent support from the who’s-who of the house world such as The Black Madonna & Denis Sulta, Mr Analog will be on hand to show his skill at mixing disco into house cuts with flair and may well feature a few of his own latest killer productions.

Twitch 7 – 8pm

The Twitch crew are amongst the most respected in the city and with over ten years under their belts most experienced too. All three residents feature this year with a back to back set similar to their recent Boiler Room.

Jordan & Quinton Campbell 8 – 9pm

Jordan goes tune to tune with AVA emerging producer winner, Quinton Campbell from Dublin in the first of our North-South twin-ups. With similar music tastes ranging from disco to electronic club sounds, we’re expecting eclectic vibes.

Timmy Stewart & Colin Perkins 9 – 10pm

Pygmalion booker & resident DJ Colin Perkins joins Timmy for a joint set to close the street before we retreat to the Art Department club. Two of the long standing figureheads of their respective city will meet in a aural melting pot!

Culture Night is surely one of the best nights of the Belfast calendar, come represent and show the powers that be that this is what it should be like all year round!