Girl Vs Guy

When one of our residents has a well earned week off, we take the opportunity to invite some of our favourite DJs to share the TNI booth. This Saturday is sure to be a sonic treat as Girl’s Marion Hawkes joins Timmy for an all night long back to back. Years of experience collecting and playing music means these two really know their stuff, so we think it’s safe to say you’ll struggle to find a better Saturday night soundtrack in the city this week. Ahead of tomorrow night we asked them to quiz each other on some important pieces of music in their lives right now…

Timmy: Doors open and people are slowly trickling into the club, what current set opener do you feel suits this point of the night Marion?

Marion: For me the warm up is when I get to play my most interesting tracks, I could probably stay in this mode all night if I’m honest! This EP on Tief is quality, I dropped Dolphin Hotel at the weekend & someone was over straight away asking what it was.

Timmy: Give me one tried and tested re-edit that respectfully adds to but doesn’t overtake the original version?

Marion: A subtle rub of an iconic track, removing the vocals & adding a little punch for peak time play!

Timmy: The club is starting to fill up, what track do you play to get people moving but not reaching for the lazers (just yet)?

Marion: This is one of those tracks which you can rely on to take it up a notch, an old Mateo & Matos weapon from 1992 recently re-issued on Running Back.

Timmy: One piece of old gold that never leaves your record bag?

Marion: I’ve been playing this out again a lot recently and I make no apologies for it!

Timmy: Peak time and everything is in full swing, one guaranteed party starter?

Marion: One that’s sure to wreck the joint there!

Timmy: Lights up, one more tune, one track to close proceedings and why?

Marion: Everyone’s guilty pleasure & it’ll 100% guarantee a sing along/arms in the air euphoria.

Hearing Daft Punk’s ‘Homework’ was my gateway into the electronic scene, which track from the amazing French house invasion that followed stands out for you?

Timmy: Homework was such a groundbreaker for sure and there are so many great French releases from that period. This one was something that struck a chord with me at the time, has dated really well and also in a weird full circle way contains a sample from the first 7” I ever bought by The Jets as a kid.

Marion: A Timmy Stewart weapon that’s stuck with you from Art College days right up to current times?

Timmy: I actually played this Shake Ya Brain anthem at TNI the other week and it absolutely levelled the place. Safe to say it’s still good to go!

Marion: A Favourite recent discovery?

Timmy: This is probably my favourite record at the min, I wasn’t mad into the earlier Hessle Audio stuff as it was a bit closer to dubstep than house for me but over the last while they are really pushing house and techno into new realms and it’s exciting me a lot.

Marion: A curveball that may send the crowd off but could equally clear the room!

Timmy: I actually hesitated for a few seconds over playing this one, especially as it was right in the middle of some relentless techno. Though without risks, DJing will always be safe and dull, glad I went ahead as it received a rapturous response and now has turned into a bit of a TNI anthem with people singing “hit me with those lazer beams” at us in the booth.

Marion: One that your kids jump around like lunatics to.

Timmy: My kids absolutely loves this at the minute.

Marion: Anti-club listening for tired ears on a Sunday afternoon?

Timmy: We have a few Sunday Spotify lists designed for soothing hangovers and resting DJ blasted ears but for a put on and leave from start to finish this one has been proving hard to topple.