Going Deep With The Sub Club Residents

So definitely a bit of a double whammy this Saturday at The Night Institute, as some of our favourite Scots join us in the booth this week as part of man of the moment, Denis Sulta’s Sulta Selects tour. Mr Sulta is the name on everyone’s lips of late with his ridiculously fresh take on house music via his stand out releases on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams & Numbers. As part of this tour he is bringing with him arguably two of the best resident DJ’s in the UK in the form of Sub Club’s Harri & Domenic. When we were approached about this it seemed like such a no brainer as all three are such firm favourites at TNI. Everyone knows the Sulta story of late but we thought we’d pick ten personal highlights from Harri and Dom’s fierce back catalogue to refresh everyones memory on Glasgow’s finest.

Proof that feel good doesn’t have to be cheesy. Harri under his Daddy’s Favourite guise put Denise Rushen through the sampler and turned out a crossover disco/house bomb that was also used in Channel 4’s cutting edge Queer As Folk!

Under his Hutton Drive alias, Domenic turned in this beautiful piece of soul drenched techno and proved those Detroit & Glasgow similarities people often talk about are plain to see.

As part of the PWT Harri created this driving house jam that is soaked in his dub reggae influences.

Alongside Ralph Lawson & Carl Finlow, Domenic crafted this futuristic house bomb in 1995 which still sounds amazingly fresh to our ears.

Partnering up with the Revenge as the Burnt Island Casuals, Harri crafted this chugging funk house hybrid that was heavily championed by the likes of DJ Harvey & more…

More machine soul from Domenic but this time on his own Seventh Sign imprint, 15 years later and completely timeless.

Credit to the edit and on a proper classic you got to bring something to the table and Mr Harrigan most certainly did that!

Absolute masterclass from Domenic on Boiler Room here at the launch of their Nautilus Rising label and proof why they deserve to hold that decades of a residency crown.

The range these two guys cover combined with the fact they can also compliment each other is testament to how versatile as DJs they are.

Finally the men themselves talk about that special place in a very special music soaked city.

See you all on Saturday night, this one has the potential to be just that wee bit epic!