It’s A Burden Thing!

Everyone knows the Octave One certified classic Black Water, but did you know these guys have been knocking out machine made soul for close to three decades under a host of pseudonyms? Ahead of Easter Monday’s gig, Timmy digs out some highlights from the Burden brothers hefty back catalogue.

I picked up this ace double pack in Ross’s Court’s Central Records around ’94 or ’95 if my memory serves me well. I remember being blown away by how stripped back it was but at the same time had so much funk. My love affair with more minimal sounds started here.

A total Art College classic here from ’96, this sounded so hypnotic and brooding on that gargantuan sound system and again highlights when less can mean so much more.

If you ever doubted that machines could create warm and soul drenched music, look no further than this beautiful reprise.

I remember hearing this one absolutely detonate Glasgow’s Sub Club, care of Subculture’s Domenic Cappello.

Rewind to ’91 and the timeless warehouse anthem “Falling In Dub” by Lenny and Lawrence Burden under their Random Noise Generation (RNG) guise.

Another by RNG that I absolutely hammered, largely down to that ace weird lead that absolutely cut through the night and got stuck in your head all week.

My personal favourite from the Cymbolic double pack is this percussive roller that was originally released in ’95 but still sounds good to go.

No one trick ponies, here the Burden’s add extra member Anthony Terrell Langston put the percussive techno to the side and give MK a run for his money on “All The Luv”.

Garage and house vibes collided when recording under their own name alongside vocalist L’Homme Van Renn for Mad Mike’s sadly defunct, Soul City label.

Another production moniker, another slice of deep synth soul and a perfect set closer or sunshine track. Pure class!

We cannot wait to hear what these Detroit maestros do to the Institute on Easter Monday. See ya there!