Old Gold – Timmy Stewart raids the crates

With 20 years in the game this year, there’s always a deserved sense of intrigue (usually on a Sunday morning) when our boy, Timmy Stewart posts a wee gem onto his Facebook. Disco, house, downtempo, techno… whatever he come across when having a nosy through his sizeable record room. Aside from earning his dancefloor stripes at David Holmes Sugarsweet parties at the Art College, his ability to spot a tune in any situation remains untouchable. We got him to start diggin’ again for our pleasure, and grab ten tracks that still sound fresh today.

Bumpin’ houser from Nottingham’s DIY crew members Digs & Woosh that must be easily 15 years old but still hits the floor square on every single time.

Killer club bomb from the very prolific Phil Asher & co hort Luke McCarthy. I picked this up in Fat Cat records in London over ten years ago and remember feeling at the time it would be a very handy record for many years to come. Any spotters out there will recognise the disco record they cut up to create the groove & break.

I LOVE Aubrey, Solid Groove, Cheap Knob Gags… basically all he’s been involved with over the years. I have pretty much collected everything he has done that I can get my hands on. His raw, simplistic approach to making house has meant his back catalogue has remained completely relevant. He certainly does shimmer or shine through as one of the great producers of the last few decades for me.

Oneiro aka one of many aliases of Del boy Carter, who certainly knows how to knock up a freaky house groove and is also not afraid of penning some trippy lyrics or indeed jumping on the mic. Future proof if it were needed that Classic is one of the most relevant forward thinking labels to come out of the UK. Timeless!

Disco house weapon from the excellent Svek records in Sweden. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard a record on this label I haven’t liked and they cover all the ground between house, disco, dub and techno very well. Seek their releases out if you can.

Vintage Deep Dish drummy house remix that was buried away on a Tribal America double pack and has been a bit of a secret weapon of mine for years. You can’t beat a good percussion track for increasing the energy in a club and this is one that certainly does that.

Russ Gabriel on his own Ferox label dons his 80’s electro slippers for a beauty that wouldn’t sound out of place on a street sounds compilation. Job done authentically well.

Weird house vibes straight out of Dallas if i’m not mistaken. I love the Lawn Chair Generals take on house and their records remain as fresh today as they did back then and are usually guaranteed to have people rushing the booth for an ID.

Carl Craig’s Planet E has put out some truly fantastic music over the years and I find their releases sit really well with more modern choices as they were so ahead of the game. This electronic disco number from Common Factor is a perfect example

Junior Boys Own offshoot, Jus Trax released some proper club workouts. This one by Swag is a track I always come back to, as it swings like crazy – especially through a decent sound system. All the dark corners and drum hydraulics tracks are well worth checkin and like a fine wine have aged well.