Playing around…

This Saturday night, the Extended Play Recordings label heads take the controls at TNI for the full five hours. Their recent back to back set at AVA a few weeks ago caused absolute mayhem, so we can’t wait to see what these two pros do to the institute!

We asked Timmy & John to pick ten highlights from their own imprint ahead of this weeks party…

Jet Project & Duckbeats – Ascension – KiNK Remix

An oldie but a goodie and remember, we were into KiNK from day one.

Bobby Analog – Luvwomanboogie

Possibly one of our all time favourites on the label – disco meets house executed to absolute perfection by the man like Robert Analog.

Quinton Campbell – FM Patterns

Discovered via AVA year two and based on this fresh electronic outing we reckon this Dublin gentleman is destined for big things.

JC Williams – In Your Arms

Big JC, where do you even start? Super Dad, super runner, super producer and DJ, we get tired just looking at him.

Moodtrax – Boogieman

Bangor’s best kept secret, amazing technical skills on the 1&2s and really coming into his own on the production front.
Keep an eye on AJ.

JMX – Chasing It

The big man would never put one of his own in a top ten but I (Timmy) can. This is a fresh piece of ‘out there’ house music and reminds me of all those amazing Induceve records.

Cromby – Heavy Peppered

Chris clearly likes his acid like his steak – heavy on the pepper. We love this guy, practically with us from the start, Cromby lives and breathes it like the best of us.

Chris Hanna – Yeah Yeah

Hard to pick a favourite from Mr Hanna as he’s done so many for us, this guy is one of the most talented artists to come out of the city in our opinion. Rest assured, his day will come!

Ejeca – Squelch

You will never meet anyone in this industry that’s more real than Garry. From the bookies to the booth, he’s the real deal and we love him for it.

Jordan – Different Strokes

So good, I kicked off my Boiler Room set with it. Every year this guy impresses us more and more.