Timmy meets Adesse Versions

Adesse Versions is paying tribute to his musical idols by creating timeless music for the body and soul, bringing roughness and raw emotion back to house music. 

Also a familiar name in the techno world, as Kevin Gorman he has recorded for labels such as International Deejay Gigolos, Ostgut Ton and his own imprint Mikrowave.

As you have a background in both house and techno circles, do you mix these styles up when you DJ and do you plan on releasing techno again in the future?

Yes most definitely. For me there is no big distinction between them. I dont play the harder Berghain style techno, but I do drop a lot of old NY and Chicago house, which is really thumping.  Re making pure techno again, who knows. Maybe after years away I’ll get the bug again. To be honest, I prefer the more soulful Detroit style techno that doesn’t seem in vogue right now – a lot of techno today is very cold and industrial sounding to my ears.
Are you still based in Barcelona? Do you think it’s better to have a central European base, if so what are the advantages & disadvantages over the UK?

I’ve just moved back to the UK.  As a DJ I don’t think it matters massively where you live, so long as there is a decent airport nearby.  Culturally though it’s good to be in a metropolis with lots going on. So Barcelona, London, Berlin or even Manchester are good for that.  Either that or halfway up a mountain with total seclusion.

Your output on Numbers and Local Talk have become stand out tracks at The Night Institute this year. We are keen to know what else you have you got coming up release wise in 2016? 

Thanks mate really pleased to hear that. I’ve got a follow up for Numbers in the pipeline. I’ve also put together a compilation and vinyl series that will be coming out in spring on my label. Its slightly off on a tangent, but a really exciting project.

We love the fact you are putting proper full vocals into your tracks, who would be the dream vocalists that you would like to work with?

Ha I’m not sure. The way I work is with recordings. I’ve never been in a studio and built a song from scratch that way. My dream would be to get my hands on multi-tracks of a legendary artist or label and given free reign.  Something along the lines of what Jamie XX did with Gil Scott Heron.


Where are you favourite places/clubs to play in the world?

I’m not just saying this, but I love the crowds in Ireland.  I’ve never come across any country as uninhibited and up for a party.  The best parties I’ve played there have been in Cork, Galway and Belfast.  Berlin is also really nice because you can take it really deep. I really enjoyed playing a 2-5am set there at Chalet a few weeks back.

Finally can you give us five tracks that feature heavily in your sets at the minute?

I can’t help but play the Maurice Fulton remix of DJ Nori, so evil. My tracks Pride, Modal and Wash My Soul often get an airing. Mr G always has to get dropped. My latest favourite being an old Mingers vs Mr G vinyl I’ve started playing again.