Timmy’s Ducktales

This Saturday at The Night Institute, Timmy has invited a man who he regards, hands-down as his favourite DJ, Chris Duckenfield to join him for the five hour weekly work out. Even better that it’s our Halloween special!

Chris has literally been there, done that and got multiple t-shirts along the way. From early Warp releases & tours to multiple studio projects on labels such as JBO, Jus’ Trax and Classic Music Company, to regularly smashing parties like P-Bar, Sub Club and Electric Elephant… We can not wait to hear what these two do to the Foundry across their 5 hour b2b set. Ahead of the weekend we got Timmy to select some personal stand outs from Chris’s hefty back catalogue – dig in!

As far as I know, this is one of Chris’ first studio projects, and what better imprint for your first release than the mighty Warp Records, from his hometown of Sheffield. This breaky electro number remains as fresh today as it did then, and still sounds good to go, over two decades later!

One of my all time favourite Ashley Beedle numbers went under the knife for a respectful nip and tuck here from Chris and Richard under their excellent Swag moniker. There is also a sneaky Prince (RIP) version the lads did in their break-time doing the rounds, but unable to release for obvious reasons.

This label of Chris’ set the benchmark in some ways for drummy percussive club wreckers and as a result I’m pretty sure I bought them all across the nineties. Seek them all, they are still good to go.

Half Inch Jack mode is quite simply Chicago acid… Sheffield style!┬áRaw and fresh as.

Swag recorded a stack of great electronic funk music and undoubtedly had their own style, usually down to the ridiculously swinging drum programming. Here’s one from the Swag bag that I have hammered a lot over the years.

Another from the Swag collection, this time on the ace UK institution, Junior Boys Own. It’s a nice example of how great percussion and dark synths combined can make for a proper dancefloor wrecker.

This time on Derrick Carter & Luke Solomons Classic Music Company, the lads tackled NY’s finest Metro Area and actually turned in a version I prefer over the original, which is no mean feat when working with the best original material around.

Sometimes I get a Feeling! Under his solo Duckbeats moniker, Chris turned out a bluesy house bomb that i’m chuffed to say we got to release digitally on Extended Play.

More work for JBO but this time on their Jus’ Trax offshoot… A perfect example of timeless UK house music right here!

He’ll kill me for this one but hey… Forever immortalised in the Altern-8 rave anthem, Chris’s vocal can be heard on the intro which was nicked from the Asterix and Space pirate radio show.

This guy is one of the most knowledgable selectors around and as a result always has the best music to unleash on the floor. See you Saturday!